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IT Services

At Reliant Management, we offer a full range of IT services to keep your technology and business running smoothly. We cover IT while you do business. Never worry about connectivity issues, cybersecurity threats, reliable systems, or the prospect of calling your IT person. We offer continuous care for your information technology, according to your needs.

Managed IT Department

Our Managed IT Department integrates as part of your company to keep your business secure and your IT up and running! Our all-inclusive packages are custom designed at a fixed price for you. No hidden or add-on costs, just reliable IT care you can depend on.

Business Continuity

Preserve the longevity of your data with our Business Continuity Services. Think of us as your emergency power generator. If your servers go down, if the power goes out, we’ve got your back. With the availability of on-site and off-site data storage solutions, you control where and how your data is held. We provide continual backups for emails, internal files, customer information, and full-system data. We eliminate the worry about lost or unsecured data.

VoIP Services

Update your phone system to take advantage of today’s modern protocols. We provide everything you need to upgrade your phones to the latest VoIP technology successfully. VoIP offers better connectivity with broadband, a more secure network, and the ability to work more efficiently with a data-driven system. This is ideal for allowing your team to work remotely. With end-to-end encryption and secure endpoints, you can be confident you will be safe from call spoofing and you will deter social engineering..

Microsoft Cloud Services

Get your entire team on the same page with Microsoft Cloud Services. Take full advantage of collaboration with Office 365, Azure, Intune, and SharePoint. Increase your ability to work seamlessly and more efficiently as a team. Pass this increased efficiency on to your clients. Share and collaborate from any device, at any level, at any time.

Cyber Security

We understand that your business is your livelihood. Do not let your information, or your clients’ information, be vulnerable. Protect your data from security breaches, the Dark Web, software degradation, and physical security threats. Reliant Management offers multi-layer security, log management, backup and disaster recovery, and device encryption. We are also security awareness educators, working with you and your teams to increase your knowledge of cyber security best practices.