Reliant Management is more than a cyber security company because successful security is about more than shields and backups — it’s about having comprehensive control over your entire system. As cyber experts with more than four decades of experience, we have the equipment and know-how to keep your network thriving and healthy. Best of all, we have partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, AT&T, Quest, and MNJ Technologies. Nobody beats our multi-faceted approach. Check it out below!

Server/Network Management

The safest companies keep what we call an active security posture — constantly monitoring their systems to stay on top of all threats. We manage your complete network, especially its endpoint because that’s where threats commonly start.

Virtual CIO Services

If you don’t have an IT department, don’t worry! Reliant Management provides you with a dedicated team that includes a director, a systems engineer, an information security analyst, a technician, and a business manager. You get the best in the business!

Email & Database Services

Email is the lifeblood of your organization, and we’re here to keep it running at its best. From disaster recovery to archives for legal situations, we customize and encrypt your system for lasting peace of mind.

IT Helpdesk

Don’t let complications and issues slow you down. Instead, turn to our helpdesk. We’re available 24/7 all year long so you always have a place to turn. Get in touch any time — literally!